Aquamarine – March Birthstone Meanings

March Birthstone Meaning Aquamarine

What does my birthstone mean? If you were born in March or know someone who was, read on! March's birthstone, aquamarine, is a beautiful light blue gemstone. It can also be found in a deep blue to bluish green color depending on the impurities present. It is in the same gemstone family as emerald (beryl). March […] Read More


Amethyst – February Birthstone Meanings


What does my birthstone mean? If you were born in February or know someone who was, read on! February’s birthstone, the amethyst, is member of the quartz family. Amethysts are generally known for their beautiful purple tones and calming properties. Amethyst is thought of as calming stone which is able to reduce worries and bring peace of mind. In addition, […] Read More


Garnet – January Birthstone Meanings


What does my birthstone mean? If you were born in January or know someone who was, read on! Garnet, January's birthstone, is a very popular, beautiful and durable gemstone. It is typically found in metamorphic rocks and comes in nearly all colors. Deep red is the most popular for jewelry and birthstones. Garnet is thought of as […] Read More


Bloodstone / Heliotrope


Bloodstone is also known as Heliotrope, is the traditional birthstone for March. This silicate mineral is a type of chalcedony. In its classic form, it is a dark green with red jasper inclusions. The word bloodstone refers to the small jasper inclusions which are deep red in color and are supposed to reflect small patches of blood. Heliotrope is greek […] Read More

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Faceted Gemstones


Faceting refers to cutting and polishing the surface of a gem into many small, flat faces, or facets, in order to give the stone a brighter appearance. Light enters the gem and is refracted at different angles to be dispersed throughout the stone. Jewelers began developing faceting techniques during the Renaissance to increase the beauty […] Read More


En Cabochon


A 'cabochon' is a way of processing a gemstone. It is a way of polishing and shaping a gemstone as an alternative to it being cut and faceted. Such as the moonstone jewelry in the image above. A gemstone 'en cabochon' normally has a smooth rounded convex front face and a flat back. It is often […] Read More




Like the ruby, sapphires are a form of the mineral corundum. While most commonly used in jewelry, both natural and artificial sapphires are also used in a number of other applications. Manufactured sapphires are often used in decorative crystal boules. Contrary to popular belief, sapphires aren't just blue. You can find natural sapphires in a […] Read More


The History Of Birthstones


Many cultures link a person’s date or month of birth to attributes of character or personality. Gemstones, also assigned their own unique qualities, became associated with the various months in order to match the character of those born in the month, or to bring special good luck or fortune that those born in any month […] Read More


Gregorian Birthstone Poems


The Gregorian birthstone poems are often used to remember the month and associated gemstone. In addition, they detail the values and meanings behind the birthstone. The concepts were around for some time beforehand but were formalised into this collection by Tiffany and Co in 1870 and published in a pamphlet with an unknown author. January […] Read More